About us

Based in the United Kingdom, Totally Sales Jobs is one of the leading jobs boards with millions of jobseekers going online and checking out their accounts aiming to find a good job out of hundreds of thousands of jobs listed at any given time. With this, millions of application activities are being performed at any single time, which gives Totally Sales Jobs a competitive reputation of becoming one of the most used sites for jobseekers and recruiters as well. Thousands of recruiters from multinational companies to small scale regional businesses prefer totally sales jobs over any other recruitment sites due to the fact that it has the most streamlined application and recruitment process against the other job-seeking websites. What’s even more is that its fees and payments needed for any job application/posting are more competitive than any other website out there.
Why opt for Totally Sales Jobs?
To become one of UK’s top leading job websites, it takes a considerable amount of hard work to get us there. And we are determined to maintain that stature for as long as we can thus we provide the best services for both jobseekers and recruiters. We ensure that the posted jobs by recruiters will be perfectly directed to the right set of candidates that they are looking for.
Our Mission
Our mission is simple – we want to help the world to love weekdays. Weekdays usually mean work – and this is what we give to every job seeker who makes an account on our site. With millions of job seekers going online to look for a job, our site creates a centralized hub for job seeking that can cater to thousands of applications at any given time.
For jobseekers, we offer a wide range of online services that any jobseeker can enjoy while they are on our website. We ensure that any job posting that best fits any jobseeker’s credentials will be readily available for that particular jobseeker. The fully registered jobseeker will receive job email alerts, have full access to any job posting match (read and apply), manage all job applications (check status, withdraw application) as well as generate and store an online CV. To sum it all up, we will keep providing any job lead that best suits any jobseeker until he / she gets one.
For recruiters, we offer thousands of partnerships with various organizations that can fulfil the needs of any job recruiter. Any type of recruiter, whether it’s a direct employer or representatives from employment agencies can have full access on advertising a job requirements along with full applicant management. With this full access, a recruiter can manage all the applicants who have applied to a job posting. They can filter out applicants upfront and keep the remaining for further review at another time. At the same time, the recruiter can also use our site to search for any CVs with pre-filtered search credentials. This is also essential for some job recruiters as this can help them save time by looking for candidates that they do think are qualified for the job they posted and can actually ask them to apply for it.
We at Totally Sales Jobs only want what is best for both jobseekers and recruiters. Our main goal is to give the best service available for job seeking and job recruiting aspects, all at a lower cost than any other job seeking website.